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reviewRemove Stretch Marks: A Cheap And Simple Way to Remove Stretch Marks In Just 31 Days…Without Expensive Surgery or (another) Pharmacy Product

Dealing with the emotional scars of stretch marks after your pregnancy can be just as hard as dealing with the actual scars.

“Losing” your body confidence and having to deal with the embarrassment and self consciousness can be extremely tough. To remove stretch marks is NOT easy and for a long time it was seen as permanent scars.

With the advances in plastic surgery, it became relatively “easy” to remove stretch marks, but the problem is that this surgery is extremely expensive and quite painful. If like me, you do not have $10,000 lying around then you probably have to resort to non-surgical solutions for removing stretch marks.

remove_stretch_marks01Having gone through bottles and bottles of over-the-counter creams I became very discouraged. Nothing seemed to work for me and I even started to believe that maybe there’s nothing I can do about it.

After doing extensive research and spending weeks online I started looking into every stretch mark cure I could find. It turns out that 99% of the creams and lotions are nothing but cheap moisturizers with clever marketing behind them. The one product that really stood out and that got rave reviews from almost everybody that used it was, Celtrixa.

After ordering my free trial, I started using it – not expecting much. After about 3 weeks I started noticing some significant changes. I’ve been using it for the last 9 weeks and my stretch marks are barely noticeable anymore.

Yes, it is another cream, and they do promise “instant results” which is not what I experienced. It will not erase your stretch marks overnight, but if you use it consistently it will work – or at least it worked for me and it will probably work for you too.

Do I recommend you try it? Yes. They offer a free trail, so you’ve got nothing to lose. At least try it and see if it works. You can either go back to those useless “supermarket creams” or you can try something that’s actually working for everybody.





articlesRemove Stretch Marks From Your Life

Can stretch marks be removed permanently? Most of us are eager as well as curious to know the answer to this question. The market is flooded with contradictory answers which only worsens our mental state.

The hunt for ways to remove stretch marks is constant amongst people of all ages and sex. It affects  individuals of both genders, irrespective of their age. Women are more desperate with their hunt for remedies in comparison to men.

While some individuals are genetically prone to get affected, some might get affected due to rapid weight gain. It is mostly  prevalent amongst pregnant women. Pregnant women experience rapid weight gain during the last 4 month of their pregnancy stage. This stretches the skin on their stomach, buttocks, thighs and other body parts. Nine out of 10 women are said to experience skin scarring  during pregnancy. In order to avoid this situation one needs to control their weight gain. One should put on only that much weight which is ideally required for giving birth to a child.

There are many surgical treatments in place that can help one remove stretch marks permanently from their life. Laser treatment, Dermabrasion and chemical peels are the three most common surgical procedures carried out every day to help women get their glowing skin back (at a hefty price I might add).

Resorting to surgery can be a very expensive alternative which might involve shaving off thousands of dollars. Also the thought of undergoing a surgery sends shivers down many spines. Most of us are terrified by the thought of surgery.

If you wish to evade the surgical treatments, then you can choose creams and lotions to help you revive and cure your skin. There are plenty of creams and lotions out there which can be purchased both online or offline. Some of these creams might surprise you with their amazing results. Many individuals have experienced positive results with certain creams and lotions and in some cases you won’t even have known that person struggled with stretchmarks.

Although most of them fail to remove the smarks completely, they can effectively reduce the appearance by as much as 80%. Also, they are a (lot) cheaper alternative in comparison to the high cost involved in a surgical treatment.

Apart from these creams, lotions and surgical treatments, there are several other ways by which one can prevent stretch marks on their body. For instance, drinking lots of water, keeping the body hydrated and good lifestyle can prevent the onset of  the problem. Likewise, avoiding caffeine consumption in excess will keep your skin healthy.

Diet plays a crucial role as well.  You should include food items rich in vitamins A, C and E in their diet. Also, inclusion of zinc and protein would help a lot.

Fortunately, there are many ways by which one can get your smooth skin back. It’s recommended to choose a method which is safe and healthy for the overall body. One wouldn’t want to add to their problems by inviting certain side effects associated with some more obscure methods. If you follow the right course of action, then you will be able to successfully get your body and your confidence back.


articlesHow to Remove Stretch Marks Effectively?

For many the emotional scars are worse than the physical ones. They are a natural condition amongst most pregnant and overweight people. To be precise, individuals experiencing rapid weight gain or a rapid weight loss are bound to have scars forming due to the skin stretching beyond it’s capacity.

For some individuals, it’s an inevitable part of the growth process. Let’s have a look at some of the most effective ways to remove them.

- Diet and Exercise

Following the correct diet and exercise routine is a great means to remove stretch marks. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet routine. One should avoid packaged foods, and other junk stuffs which are high on saturated fats. The idea is to eliminate the onset of stretch marks by avoiding rapid weight gain. In general it can be found on body parts with high fat deposits like the stomach, thighs etc. It’s important that your train in moderation. If you exercise too much then you are subjecting your to excess stretching which can lead to scarring. While exercise is important, too much of it can affect your skin, especially if you indulge in weight training exercises. Weight training speeds up the muscle growth process, thus paving way for unwanted skin marks.

- Stretch Mark Removal Creams and Lotions

Creams and lotions is the most popular method. They are meant for the same purpose. One can obtain these products from a nearby store, but the best ones are available online.  The online marketplace is loaded with the latest and greatest creams and lotions. It’s not only productive, but also a cost effective – especially if you compare it to surgery and laser treatments. You don’t have to shell hundreds and thousands of dollars to grab some good creams. Treatment measures like surgery involves a huge cost – and the obvious pain of surgery itself. Creams are harmless and testing different creams is no big deal. You can always switch to another cream or lotion if a particular product fails to work for you.

- Laser Treatment

Although it’s one of the quickest ways to see real results, it’s also the costliest means. You will have to shave off thousands of dollars for a laser treatment. This treatment is not everybody’s cup of tea due to the cost factor. It involves running the laser over the affected area. The laser works deep on the skin to reduce both the scar and the discoloration. You can expect permanent results with laser treatment. Also, there are potential side effects associated with this treatment.

- Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a surgical method. Although this method is not as popular as laser treatment, many individuals have experienced positive results with this treatment. Also, this method is quite cheaper in comparison to laser treatment. However, considering the success ratio, most individuals resort to laser treatment rather than Dermabrasion surgery. All the above means are some of the effective measures by which one can remove stretch marks. It’s always recommended to follow the natural means before resorting to methods like laser treatment or Dermabrasion surgery. Natural measures are cost effective as well as safe means to cure ailments.